Harvest Bags

Harvest Bags provides a wide range of agricultural bags such as Loom bags, Knitted bags, and Monofilament bags. These are suitable for packing of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and wood etc. the bags offer essential ventilation, enhances the products and increases the value of the products.

Harvest Bags also provides cling wrap, and various types of netting for agricultural use.

For more information kind contact us on +27 12 546 6499 or drop us an email - Harvest Bags Enquiries - info@harvestbags.co.za

Harvest Bopp is one of the leading Polypropylene (PP) bag manufacturer in South Africa. PP woven bags are popular for usage in packaging and transporting a wide range of products.

Due to strength, flexibility, durability and low cost, it is widely used in packing grain, feeds, fertilizer, seeds, powders and chemical granulated products. PP woven bags are made according to customers specifications.

For more information kind contact us on +27 12 719 8723 or drop us an email - Harvest Bopp Enquiries - info@harvestbopp.co.za or Harvest Bopp Orders - orders4@harvestbopp.co.za.

Harvest Bopp Bags

Harvest Trays

Harvest Trays locally manufactures polystyrene trays and aironet which are a form of disposable food packaging for various fruits. This type of packaging is used to protect fruit from bruising when packed and transported, and allows cartons of fruit to breath.

For more information kind contact us on +27 23 007 0176 or drop us an email - Harvest Trays Enquiries - traysorder@harvestbags.co.za.

Harvest Non-Woven is locally manufacturing in South Africa, with new and innovative technology. We provide products such as non-woven fabrics, non-woven potato bags, and non-woven shopping bags.

Fabrics and bags can be custom made according to clients (local and international) orders as we can provide different sizes, colours, and printing.

For more information kindly call us on +27 12 941 1804 or drop us an email – Harvest Non-Woven Enquiries - orders@harvestnonwoven.co.za.

Harvest Non-Woven

Harvest Medical

Harvest Medical provides hygiene products which are produced from our very own Harvest Non-woven fabrics. Products that can be provided are 3ply disposable masks in various colours, coveralls, gowns, shoe covers, and mop caps, etc.

For more information kind contact us on +27 12 719 8723 or drop us an email - Harvest Medical Enquiries - info@harvestmedical.co.za.