Consistent quality

We have our own manufacturing locations. This means that you are guaranteed consistently high quality for your agricultural packaging.

Market knowledge

Harvest Group often plays a pioneering role in the introduction of new agricultural packaging; always in consultation with our customers. Through our network of subsidiaries, manufacturing locations and customers, we share and discuss market information and new ideas. In this way, we think that we can offer you more than just a product.

Excellent service

Your success is our success. That is why we always go the extra mile wherever needed. All of our employees in South Africa are ready to support you in the optimization of your operations, where high quality and punctually delivered packaging play an important part.

Advantages of our products

Advantage of our LOOM BAGS:


  1. Colour - All our bags are bright and have fresh colours, this enhances the freshness of the produce
  2. We do not use any damaged yarn only the strong thick yarn.
  3. Our density is 19-20 pcs yarn per 10 cm, where the other manufacturers are only 16 pcs per 10 cm.
  4. We uses double bend sewing!
  5. Exact weight! The difference of the width is approx. 5mm and length is approx.10 mm.

Advantage of our KNITTED BAGS:

  1. Flat Yarn, Mono Yarn and Automatic twinning, neater and stronger.
  2. Uses Mono Yarn at the seal opening and bottom.

Advantage of our PALLET NETS:

  1. The square opening on our pallet nets are smaller and therefore holds the produce on the pallet stronger together.

Advantage of our PP BAGS:

  1. The Density is 12*12, where the others are generally 10*10.
  2. Can supply the whole range: PP Rolls, Plain Bags, Flexi Printing ,BOPP Printing.
  3. We use 100% virgin material.

Advantage of our TRAYS:

  1. Thickness: we provide 2.8mm where the others are 1.8mm.
  2. This allows them to be durable, not easily torn.
  3. Soft Surface, this allows them to protect the fruits and not scratch.