Does Harvest Bags manufacture the products locally?

Yes, some of the bags are manufactured locally with the majority of the bags being imported due to increasing demand.


Does Harvest Bags supply a guarantee on the quality of their products?

Harvest Bags is proud of the quality of their products. Should any bag supplied by Harvest Bags show either a manufacturing or material defect we will replace these bags.


Will stock be promptly available?

Yes, we do stock a very large volume of bags for the vast number of products.


With whom can I place my order?

Agents are available in certain areas to assist your, or you can contact or e-mail our Pretoria

office at : Tel: +27-12-5466499 / +27- 12-5468721, fax +27-12-5460602, email:


Do you deliver?

Yes , as long as the quantity of the order being placed with us justify the delivery cost.


Can I buy on credit?

Yes , you can apply for credit which is subject to our credit departments approval. Our normal terms are 30 days or as negotiated. Our mission is to accommodate the different needs and requirements of our customers


Are the bags sizes standard?

Yes, we manufacture different size bags because of the different characteristics of the products being placed into the bags. Different cultivars and areas as well as environmental conditions have a big influence on the similar weight of the products.