We are employing!

Position Available:
Job title : Administration assistant
Location : PTA North office
Gender: Female
Empl.Type: Full time
Skills Matrix : computer skills, Office, Pastel
Salary: Negotiable
Experience: 1 year


Job title: Translator
Location : Ceres, Cape town
Gender: Female/ Male
Empl.Type: Full time
Skills Matrix : computer skills, fluent English and Chinese speaking and writing
Salary: Negotiable
Experience: 1 year

Please forward your CV to hr@harvestbags.co.za
Any other email address sent will not be considered.


High salary Recruitment
Multinational group South Africa large manufacturing company looking for accounting, cashiers, warehouse manager
1. Well-behaved, hardworking, good communication, coordination, and management ability and team spirit;
2. Fluency in spoken and written English, familiar with popular Office software, South Africa a legal status;
3. Accounting, familiar with PASTEL PARTNER, PAYROLL, E-FILING, EASY-FILE and other financial software is preferred;
4. Cashiers need to be familiar with online banking, foreign currency online banking, South Africa daily business by local banks, familiar with import and export business is preferred;
5. Warehouse Manager, be familiar with General Office software, relevant management experience is preferred.

Those who are interested, please send your English resume and copy of ID card to email: accounts@harvestbags.co.za
Once received, we will be qualified for an interview as soon as possible. Upon admission, treatment favorably, welcome to join.