Harvest Group Description

Harvest Trays locally manufactures polystyrene trays and aironet which are a form of disposable food packaging for various fruits. This type of packaging is used to protect fruit from bruising when packed and transported, and allows cartons of fruit to breath.

General Fruit Trays

Industry Applications: General fruit trays are suitable for Apples, Pears, Peaches and various other fresh product

  • Extremely high strength with lamination layer
  • Tough material to ensure minimal breakage during packaging and transportation
  • Protects fruit to the maximum extent
  • Minimises fruit damage during transportation
  • BRC certificate

Biodegradable Trays

With the sentiment against all plastic products we produced a bio degradable and recyclable tray. These trays are manufactured on special order


Aironet is used to protect fruit from bruising when packed.

It also allows cartons of fruit to breath and enhances the cooling time required.

Absorbent Meat Trays

Harvest Trays has developed a unique absorbent fomo tray, which is mostly used for meat packaging.

The biggest advantage is that is can absorbs the fluid from the product, which greatly improves the product packaging quality.

Harvest Trays – General Fruit Tray
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