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Harvest Group Description

Harvest Non Woven is locally manufacturing in South Africa, with new and innovative technology. We provide products such as non-woven fabrics, non-woven potato bags, and non-woven shopping bags.
Fabrics and bags can be custom made according to clients (local and international) orders as we can provide different sizes, colours, and printing

Non Woven Fabrics

Specialized manufacturing of spun bound and melt blown material, with advanced technology to give our clients the best product at competitive prices.

We can provide our clients with a variety of colored fabric from 10 gsm to 100 gsm.

Industry Applications: Medical, Health, Agricultural, Packaging etc.

  •  Greater strength per basis weight than competing fabrics.
  • High levels of uniformity.
  • High tear and tensile strength.
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Consistency in high temperature applications.
  • Application-Specific engineering.
  • Ability to form composites for advanced performance.

Non Woven Potato Bags

Harvest Non Woven potato bags are new and well researched bags, which are manufactured using our own non woven fabrics. Our potato bag offers a new alternative to the traditional paper bags for packaging potatoes, which allows the potatoes to stay fresher for longer periods.

With our advanced printing machine we are able to provide a customized printing which visually enhances your product.

Sizes: 7kg, 10kg, with a D cut handle(carry bag handle)

  • No Greening, keeps the potatoes fresher for longer.
  • Easy to pack onto a pallet.
  • Nearly 0% breakage.
  • Breathable
  • Can be produced in a variety of colors, as well as 4 color printing.
  • Water repellent
  • Reusable

Non Woven Shopping Bags

Harvest Non Woven manufactures all shopping bags locally in South Africa, from fabric to end product.

Type: Vest bags, Carry Bags, Shoulder bags
GSM: from 50gsm to 100gsm
Size: S, M, L, XL
Colours: Black, White, Red, etc. (new colour on request)

Non Woven Hygiene

Harvest Non Woven manufactures all shopping bags locally in South Africa, from fabric to end product.

We have SSS which is made with Hydrophilic oil which it allows water to be absorbed.

We also have SMMS material which is Hydrophobic material which repels water(meaning waterproof)

This material is sold in KGS.

Harvest Non Woven Products – Non Woven Shopping Bags
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