Agricultural Bags

Harvest Group Description

Knitted, Loom and Monofilament bags have a wide range of applications, especially in the agricultural sector in packing fruit, vegetables and even wood. These bags offer essential ventilation, enhances the products and increases the value of the products. Knitted bags are made from PE material and are lightweight and low in price.

Harvest Bags can offer customers services for labels to be stitched on to the bags.

Monofilament Bags

Harvest Mono bags are fine mesh bags, that are ideal for packing Fruit, vegetables, shellfish and other fresh product. It’s fine thread makes the bag flexible, breathable and offers protection for your product


  • Content 1 to 10kg
  • Available in basic colors
  • Can be personalized with own label

Knitted Bags

Harvest Knitted bags are ideal for packing beetroot, citrus, garlic, cabbage, chilli, sweet potatoes and avocados


  • Content 2 to 25kg
  • Available in various colors, including the option for UV stabilization
  • Can be personalized with own label

Loom Bags

Harvest Loom bags are ideal for packing your onions, pumpkins, cabbage, butternut, sweet potato and other products. These bags are very stable and breathable.


  • Content 3 to 30kg
  • Available in various colors with a UV option
  • Suitable for manual and automatic filling
  • Can be personalized with own label

bulk bags

Bulk Bags

Our 1 ton Bulk Bags are made from flexible woven Polypropylene and are an economical and efficient way to pack, store and handle products

Bulk poly propylene bag  with handle, with or without bottom shoot. Used for storing and transportation of large scale goods such as sand, fertilizers, grain and animal feed.

Packaging & Netting

Cling Wrap

Made from LDPE
Harvest produces various width, length and thickness.
Also available with various core options.

Hand Wrapper

Used to Manually wrap pallets with pallet or stretch net or pallet wrap.

Bailing Net

Made from HDPE and is used for new generation bailing machines.

Bird Net

Used for protection of Grapes and is used in vineyards against bird and wind damage.


  • White


  • 1000mm x 2000m
  • 1500mm x 2000m
  • 2000mm x 2000m


  • 20mm x 30mm

Harvest Sock Net

For use on pneumatic machines and foot operated machines.


  • Green, Orange, Red and White

Harvest Pallet Net

Harvest Pallet net is made from polypropylene that is processed through extrusion. The product is presented to clients in the form of a roll. Pallet net is mainly used in the agricultural market to wrap pallets containing vegetables or fruit that needs to breathe, like cabbage, butternut, carrots, sweet potatoes and onions. This extends the lifespan of the product and also helps to keep the product together when transported.


  • Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, White and Red

Harvest Stretch Net

Harvest Stretch Net is used for wrapping of pallets for protection against damages while being transported and handled.


  • Red and White


  • 500mm X 6000m
Harvest Bags – Loom Bags
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