Our factories are situated at Babelegi Industrial Park, North West Province, Ceres, Western Cape and we have offices in Pretoria North, Gauteng Province as well as Babelegi, with agents servicing the entire country and our neighboring countries. We have expanded and now have 5 factories where we produce pallet wrap, pallet net, PP bags, polystyrene trays and a sewing department.


Harvest Group is a supplier of knitted and woven bags with a wide range of uses in the agricultural industry. We manufacture knitted vegetable bags, woven vegetable bags, mono vegetable bags and circular polypropylene bags. Harvest Group is also constantly extending its range further to incorporate more products that will service the agricultural, commercial and domestic sectors with the same dedication to quality, service and price that have become synonymous with this company.


Harvest Group has developed a unique labeling service which consists of labels printed on the latest printing technology printers which consists of seven colours in order to promote brand awareness for the clients. These labels are then sewed onto the circular loom bags which are used specifically for the packing of onions. This sewing process has been developed to ensure that the labels stay on the bags despite the various handling of the bags from the farm to the end user. These labels will definitely add value to the products while saving money with reduced time in adding separately printed labels - labeling of all products is compulsory.


Harvest Group also have two factory manufacturing Polypropylene (PP) bag and BOPP Bags in Babelegi Industrial Park and Harvest (Poli) Trays from our factory in Cape Town.


Harvest Group are ideally suited for a wide range of products such as oranges, onions, butternuts, grapefruit, cabbages, avocado pears, garlic, lemons, chilies, potatoes and pumpkins.